2024 Motorcycle Registration


Motors will pre-register or verbally communicate their appropriate division. The competitive training event will be divided into four divisions, each separated depending on motor participation. Expert = Placed as the top (#1) of any pervious competitive training event(s) (within Expert or Advanced Division), or has been awarded Top Gun in at least one previous event. Expert criteria can be determined by information gained by Judges during training. Advanced = Placed in any advanced training session as the top (#1) (Motor Officer or Novice Division), or holds the title of [Police Motorcycle Instructor]. Motor Officer = all commissioned officers who have not made it to the top three of any Division. Open = retired police / former motor officers riding a police equivalent motorcycle, or motor officer riding an “non-department” issued motorcycle. The “Open Division” must have at least three participants to be a division. If there are not three participants, the Open Division Riders will be placed on the above criteria. ALTHOUGH ALL ARE COMPETING FOR TOP GUN!

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